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We are the China’s highest cost-effective handmade gift box manufacturer, guarantee best quality and after-service.

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Today we are in economic globalization era, packaging and commodities have been integrated to a whole new level.
Packaging is the brand concept, product features, a comprehensive reflection of consumer psychology, and a direct impact on the consumer to buy. We always think, “packaging ” in addition to protection, convey product information, promote sales and enhance the role of value-added products; more importantly, it is to establish a powerful means of affinity and consumer products. At Sunrise Printing,
One Stop Specialty Packaging Solutions

China’s best handmade custom gift box manufacturer, who owns 10 items of new patents for packaging solutions.

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Industry News
  • 29 2020-10
    12 post processing technologies of wine box printing

      The post processing technology of wine box printing is the treatment after completion. Surface processing is to improve the beauty and quality of wine box packaging, mainly covering film, technology mainly have concave and convex embossing, die-cutting indentation and other processing technol...

  • 27 2020-10
    Four requirements for wine box design

                  Any product is designed first and then have material object, so design is always at the forefront. Wine box design is the same, any wine box is the existing design. No matter what the box is, it needs to be designed first, and the design should also f...

  • 26 2020-10
    High-end wine packaging boxes printing

                      Wine packaging box printing: rules of formal beauty of Risun-print customized wine packaging box printing manufacturers                   Wine packaging box is not only to protect the product,...

Company News
How to do a good job in wine box printing
Oct 30, 2020 How to do a good job in wine box printing

How to design and print wine box well? This is a matter of concern to consumers, and it is also the responsibility of many wine box printing manufacturers to do a good job in their products. After these products are finished, they must be printed. How do we do a good job in wine box printing? As an ...

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GuangZhou Risun-Print CO.,Ltd Focus on customized exquisite handmade cardboard gift wine box packaging manufacturing.

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