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We are the China’s highest cost-effective handmade gift box manufacturer, guarantee best quality and after-service.

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Today we are in economic globalization era, packaging and commodities have been integrated to a whole new level.
Packaging is the brand concept, product features, a comprehensive reflection of consumer psychology, and a direct impact on the consumer to buy. We always think, “packaging ” in addition to protection, convey product information, promote sales and enhance the role of value-added products; more importantly, it is to establish a powerful means of affinity and consumer products. At Sunrise Printing,
One Stop Specialty Packaging Solutions

China’s best handmade custom gift box manufacturer, who owns 10 items of new patents for packaging solutions.

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    Prenatal group workshop

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    Hand drawn draft

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    Box structure

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    Sample out

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    finished product

Industry News
  • 12 2020-08
    Design And Production Of Paper Gift Box

                      The structure of carton is divided into two types: fixed structure and folding structure.                Die-cutting and creasing in advance, forming by bonding, sewing, nailing and other methods, ...

  • 11 2020-08
    High-end Cosmetic Gift Box

              With the development of the cosmetics industry, let us see that the competition of high-end gift boxes in the market is gradually fierce.           Different brands of cosmetics have launched different levels of gift boxes. How can you make...

  • 06 2020-08
    Custom Design Unique Paper Wine Boxes

                  Custom Design Unique Paper Wine Boxes GuangZhou Risun-Print CO.,Ltd can be a good partner of One-stop Printing and Packaging Solutions. It's more than understanding the needs of both sides or exceeding one another's expectations, it's about believing ...

Company News
ISO 9001 certified Handcrafted Wine Boxes manufacturers
Aug 08, 2020 ISO 9001 certified Handcrafted Wine Boxes manufacturers

              An ever increasing number of customers have come to rely on our packaging not only for the products we make, but also for our customer-oriented services including customized design, pick-and-pack, one-stop-solution, and the friendly, professional serv...

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GuangZhou Risun-Print CO.,Ltd Focus on customized exquisite handmade cardboard gift wine box packaging manufacturing.

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