• Cosmetic packaging box customization manufacturers 2017-11-13 09:33:50

    Guangzhou Cosmetics Packaging Customization manufacturers, professional packaging design printing company, providing jewelry box design printing, boutique Gift Boxes Custom printing, Packaging Design Printing wholesale and wholesale all kinds of hardcover box manual custom printing,. We take the idea of "There is no best only better" service every customer, realize a win-win and common development...

  • Tea paper bag in the process of the appearance of ink emulsification 2017-11-09 18:57:04

    Made in Tea Paper Bags in offset printing production, printing ink, the phenomenon of the excessive emulsification is one of the most headaches manufacturers, in addition to affect the quality of the product, the whole will also affect the overall working efficiency of production speed, processing is bad to scrap a batch of products will cause economic losses, so how this annoying phenomenon is le...

  • Custom paper packaging box supplier 2017-11-06 18:51:00

    What we do as : photography - design - printing - embossing - gold - membrane - polishing - binding - transport integration, comprehensive operation pattern, rigorous and efficient, to provide you with satisfactory products and excellent service. Services Available Packing Box Packing Gift Box, food box, medicine box, electronic box, toy box, jewelry box, jewelry box, watch boxes, pen boxes, cosme...

  • Paper packaging wine box customized services 2017-10-19 18:18:40

    Risun-print is a professional manufacturer made the paper packaging wine box .We accept custom logo print . With 12 Years experience in Paper Packaging Industrial ,cooperation with top 5 brand wine manufacturer ,supplier as Hennessy ,Martell . We passed FSC AND ISO certification .High standards factory here. With our most advanced equipment, strong production capability and technical competency, w...

  • The improvement of stamping and embossing process 2017-10-11 16:59:05

    Bronzing printing and bump is actually two of post-press processing procedure, however, as the plate-making technology by leaps and bounds, using electric carving techniques to make a set of Yin and Yang, can be combined these two processes. But if the stamping and shock need to install multiple sets of electric vultures, the Yang version, there will be many problems, unable to produce properly. T...

  • How to distinguish the one color and four color printing? 2017-10-11 16:56:01

    Color refers to the C, M, Y, K ink ink or outside through C, M, Y, K ink deployment of a single color printing ink to copy.The impression of packaging printing often use the color printing area.So what kind of product will use the color? Packaging products or books and periodicals cover often made of different color uniform color piece or regular gradient of presentation and written.Can these colo...

  • Why we use pearl paper for packaging box 2017-09-19 18:39:50

    Pearl Paper mainly embodies paper gorgeous effect, if the Printing ink has a very large area, a couldn't reflect the paper pearl effect, second paper pearl effect through the ink layer has been greatly weakened. Therefore, we should try to avoid large area of field pattern printing according to the characteristics of bead paper when designing the plate. General design a few simple lines, pattern, ...

  • Type and application of hand pull rope 2017-09-18 19:40:22

    Hand pull rope is the part that USES a hand pull bag to carry a hand as a bag, also call hand pull. Because of its material and structure is different, arm in arm type can be divided into PP rope, polyester rope, nylon rope, rayon cord (including needle rope, the rope to take up and core-spun rope, twisted rope), portable rope, rope, cotton rope and twine. Nylon rope is commonly used for carrying ...

  • Paper packaging boxes for customers needs 2017-09-12 13:05:58

    Nowadays, the use of paper is no longer a simple application, but as a brand new advertising carrier to promote corporate image and brand. Its brand image, product image can be intuitive or printed on Paper Packaging Boxes, make customer contact or target customers in the use of the be clear at a glance to the corporate image, enhance propaganda effect. Based in market for a long time, we have bee...

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    Kevin Zou

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    Emily Yang

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