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  • The Most Popular Paper Box
    The Most Popular Paper Box


    One primary reason as to why paper box packaging is accomplished by the majority of packaging manufacturers is to entice consumers to get the product. As a way to solve the above stated problem, ideal packaging can prove to be beneficial. It is among the most frequent varieties of packaging among all the varieties of packaging that’s popular since the last many decades. In the event the packaging of an item is not of the highest quality, it may pose a danger to the security and caliber of the goods. It is quite crucial that you take your goods packaging seriously. gold metallic packaging suitcase boxgold metallic packaging suitcase paper box Details of Paper Box To ensure that the products meet the customer’s expectations, manufacturers offer a variety of raw materials to pick from. The truth is that some products may not have the ability to fulfill the customer’s taste since they have been exposed to moisture or heat because of bad packaging. As soon as your product appears new, however long they’ve been in store, consumers will nonetheless appreciate them. If your products have such a quality or feature that may differentiate them from ordinary scope of products, remember to mention it upon your cosmetics boxes. Standard packaging products aren’t being used as often as our existing generation is becoming more and more conscious of our international situation regarding pollution and waste. It’s possible to ask the printing business to bring some basic information about your business to the boxes. Leading packaging companies produces various sorts of excellent Lotion boxes. As a way to create attractive and irresistible boxes for their goods, leading packaging businesses use contemporary color technology like CMYK and PMS technology. They now make use of high quality and modern technology to deliver exceptional printing for these boxes. For the simplicity and convenience of people, there are a number of packaging businesses, who provide you the essential help whilst shifting. snack packaging carton paper boxsnack packaging carton paper box You may use these paper boxes as a chance to create a durable impression about your merchandise and also provide your business a jump-start. Packaging boxes are typically used for packaging a sizable number of goods and items. All over the world, they come in every variety and every size. Cereal packaging boxes aren’t solely packaging boxes but exceptional advertising and marketing tools. They have evolved completely in terms of their printing techniques. Inside this quest, the packaging boxes are stacked one upon another in sizeable quantities which results in the boxes put in the decreased layers to bear a large amount compressive forces. Most people find it tough to toss out boxes which are too beautiful for trash. As soon as you have chosen the particular sort of packaging box you are searching for, don’t hesitate to utilize your creativity to decorate them depending on your party’s colors. The ha...

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    Nowadays, people are accustomed to carrying a paper bag instead of carrying a plastic bag. What on earth makes people change their travel habits and what makes people so fond of carrying paper bags? Today Guangzhou Risun-Print Co.,Ltd will tell you the answer by the packaging of wheat straw. 1. Portable paper bags are exquisite and versatile The paper bag can hold a lot of things, such as fresh food, clothes, toys and documents 2. The paper bag can be recycled Portable paper bags are soft and wear-resistant, which can be folded into a variety of forms and can be recycled. The number of normal use is more than 10,000 times 3. Green paper bag The universal use of paper bags can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags and greatly reduce the spread of white pollution. 4.Excellent performance of the paper bag The kraft paper bag factory manufactures portable paper bag is made of environmental protection material in strict accordance with the national environmental protection standard. The disadvantages of using plastic bags are as follows: first, the main source of "white pollution"; second, non-recyclable; third, bury contaminated soil and groundwater; Burning pollutes the air. There are advantages to using a paper bag: low price and easy promotion, longer service life than a paper bag and a recycle So, We all like the blue sky, the clear lake water, the fresh air, eager to live in the birds and flowers, hope our home more beautiful. To do that we need to start doing it now. Reduce the use of plastic bags and use more environmentally friendly bags. The cost of buying a cowhide paper bag is still relatively favorable, does not require much expense, the purchase cost is also very low. It is also the best type of paper bag to be used in large shopping malls. It is easy to be loved by customers so that customers are willing to buy food packed with this kind of paper bag, because it is stronger and more environmentally friendly than a white plastic bag. 

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  • Grayboard Paper Thickness and Stiffiness
    Grayboard Paper Thickness and Stiffiness


    Greyboard Paper Thickness and Stiffiness At Guangzhou Risun-Print Co.,Ltd, we use high quality greyboard paper to manufacture the custom made cardboard gift boxes, cardboard set up boxes, foldable cardboard presentation boxes. Different greyboard grammage will lead to different thickness. Our clients can choose the suitable thickness greyboard to make their packaging boxes.  Here is an introduction to the greyboard thickness, gremmage, moisture content and unit ton price.     Cardboard Gift Box(1.5mm greyboard)    Conversion Between Greyboard thickness and grammage:   Greyboard thickness and grammage Grammage(gsm) Thickness(mm) Grammage(gsm) Thickness(mm) 600gsm 1.0mm 1300gsm 2 mm 750gsm 1.2mm 1400gsm 2.2mm 900gsm 1.4mm 1500gsm 2.3mm 1000gsm 1.6mm 1600gsm 2.5mm 1100gsm 1.7mm 1800gsm 2.8mm 1200gsm 1.9mm 2100gsm 3.3mm The thickness may have ±0.1mm deviation.   When you want to make the cardboard gift box for your product packaging, you need to know the thickness of the greyboard that you want. The greyboard is also called chipboard paper. They are the paper core of the cardboard box. Our common cardboard boxes are using the thickness from 1.2mm to 2mm(750gsm to 1300gsm). You can also use the following formula to converse grammage to thickness.    Thickness(mm) = Grammage(gsm)*1.55 / 1000   It is the estimated thickness and the accurate thickness will have ±0.1mm deviation.     Moisture Content of the Greyboard affects the Stiffiness   The moisture content affects the greyboard stiffiness. The moisture degree varies from 8% to 13%. When the moisture content is low, the cardboard gift box will have the very good stiffiness, resistant to the bending. Also, the price of the low moisture content greyboard will be higher than the normal greyboard. For the grade A greyboard, the unit ton price would be around USD$800-1000 while the ordinary greyboard would be around USD$500-700.   

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