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  • Grayboard Paper Thickness and Stiffiness
    Grayboard Paper Thickness and Stiffiness


    Greyboard Paper Thickness and Stiffiness At Guangzhou Risun-Print Co.,Ltd, we use high quality greyboard paper to manufacture the custom made cardboard gift boxes, cardboard set up boxes, foldable cardboard presentation boxes. Different greyboard grammage will lead to different thickness. Our clients can choose the suitable thickness greyboard to make their packaging boxes.  Here is an introduction to the greyboard thickness, gremmage, moisture content and unit ton price.     Cardboard Gift Box(1.5mm greyboard)    Conversion Between Greyboard thickness and grammage:   Greyboard thickness and grammage Grammage(gsm) Thickness(mm) Grammage(gsm) Thickness(mm) 600gsm 1.0mm 1300gsm 2 mm 750gsm 1.2mm 1400gsm 2.2mm 900gsm 1.4mm 1500gsm 2.3mm 1000gsm 1.6mm 1600gsm 2.5mm 1100gsm 1.7mm 1800gsm 2.8mm 1200gsm 1.9mm 2100gsm 3.3mm The thickness may have ±0.1mm deviation.   When you want to make the cardboard gift box for your product packaging, you need to know the thickness of the greyboard that you want. The greyboard is also called chipboard paper. They are the paper core of the cardboard box. Our common cardboard boxes are using the thickness from 1.2mm to 2mm(750gsm to 1300gsm). You can also use the following formula to converse grammage to thickness.    Thickness(mm) = Grammage(gsm)*1.55 / 1000   It is the estimated thickness and the accurate thickness will have ±0.1mm deviation.     Moisture Content of the Greyboard affects the Stiffiness   The moisture content affects the greyboard stiffiness. The moisture degree varies from 8% to 13%. When the moisture content is low, the cardboard gift box will have the very good stiffiness, resistant to the bending. Also, the price of the low moisture content greyboard will be higher than the normal greyboard. For the grade A greyboard, the unit ton price would be around USD$800-1000 while the ordinary greyboard would be around USD$500-700.   

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  • A gift presented in a paper gift bag looks very stylish and caring
    A gift presented in a paper gift bag looks very stylish and caring


    All kinds of paper gift bags are sold for the stores to buy and present their goods to the customers. Stores normally buy apparel paper bag, gift bag, promotion bag, and birthday bags from manufacturers of paper gift bags. Some other kinds of bags are Valentine’s bag, birthday bag, cosmetic bag, children’s day bag, wine bottle bag, and Easter day bag. Manufacturers are able to make wedding gift bags, hologram paper bags, Christmas gift bags, holiday paper bags, Easter Day bag, Halloween gift bag, and shoe paper bags. These different kinds of paper gift bags are essentially made from paper. The retail outlet when they are presenting the goods to you they might put the special watch in a gift bag, the wine bottle might be put into a wine bottle bag, and the Easter eggs into the Easter Day bag. Thus new paper and recycled paper is being used to make these bags. The use of these paper gift bags is to enhance the value of the item they contain. A pair of earrings put into a gift paper box or put into a gift bag, along with a card, will make you feel very pleased with the gift. There is psychology and philosophy behind the use of these gift paper bags. The receiver of the gift finds carrying of the gift bag convenient. The gift bag can be reused to carry your entire make up stuff on the holiday. The shoe bag keeps your polished shoes safe and shining during your business trip. Gift paper bags are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Some manufacturers use the Heidelberg 4 colors machine for mass printing on the paper used to make the paper bags and mass production of the bags. Various kinds of paper like ivory board, coated paper, and art paper is used to make these paper gift bags. The paper is further laminated to give glossy, UV, and matte finish and then the paper is used to make the gift paper bags. The logo of the company can be made by embossing, hot stamping, printing, and UV varnishing. The handle for the paper gift bag can be made from rope, ribbon, cotton, and also can be made from die cut material. Hologram paper bags can be used as handbag, shopping bags, gift bags, advertising bags, information kits, and for various packaging items. These hologram paper bags are made from 128gsm or 157gsm art paper along with hologram foil. On these paper gift bags, printing in solid color and full color are done. The manufacturers ask the buyers for ideas of logo and designs that can be made on the paper gift bag. These hologram paper bags are provided with carrying handles made from cotton cord, PP cord, and ribbon. Cosmetic bags are made using art paper, coated paper, wood free, ivory board, and white Kraft paper. The paper normally has aqueous coating, matte finish, or glossy finish. These cosmetic bags are very popular in various sizes. Women love to collect these cosmetic bags that they can reuse to carry cosmetics for a holiday. Shoe bags are another popular kind of paper gift bags. They are used by the shoe retailers. They could be mad...

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  • Machineries for producing paper products
    Machineries for producing paper products


    There is a huge demand for paper boxes and paper gift bags. The packing industry has a huge requirement for these paper boxes made from paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, and laminated paper. The value of the gift is enhanced by the looks of the paper gift bags used to carry the gifts. For these paper bags to be produced in huge numbers various kinds of machines are available. The paper bag making machine is designed to make in huge numbers of flat and satchel paper bags of different sizes from craft paper, greaseproof, and poster paper. The operation of the machines is very simple and fast. Not much training is required to use these machines. The machines can come with different size plates and different size gears to make paper gift bags of various sizes. There is a calculation to calculate the width of the paper reel to be fed on the machine which is fairly simple. The required size of the bag is arranged on the machine by choosing the right size plate for the flat or satchel bags and the length of the bag required by changing the gear wheel size. Sometimes a printing attachment is attached to this paper bags making machine for creating lovely prints on the paper bags. The boxes might require laminated paper. Laminator machines are being used to produce laminated paper fast. The laminator is very flexible and mounts the top litho sheets to single face. The laminator comes with quick set up feature. The laminator has automated the process and made the paper box making procedure very convenient and quick. Laminators are used for lamination of corrugated cardboard to paper board and paper board to paper board. Laminators have the feature of automatic feeding of bottom sheet and normal front feeding of top sheet. Controlling the lamination precision is possible due to the flexible front gauge positioning. Labels can be printed using the labeling laminator. Normally it is found that laminators are easy to use and they have great ability to control adhesive, and help the mass production of paper box. Die cutting machines are also being used for mass production of paper boxes as they are capable of producing the paper box that has been designed on the die cutter. Some manufacturers are using die cutting machines for creasing and punching card board and corrugated paper sheet. These die cutters used in paper box manufacturing are helping to speed up the process. More number of paper boxes can be produced and very quickly. Adequate precautions are taken to prevent the die cutters of deviating from original designs when under pressure. The paper box manufacturers can use box stitching machines to accurately and neatly stitch the paper boxes. This might be required for the paper boxes that are going to carry some weight. Stitching can be a design element for the gift boxes. The paper box manufacturers are also using the “paper box angle pasting machine”. The machine is a single arm pressing device. It has a temperature controller with digital display to...

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