• Printing Terminologies
    Printing Terminologies


    Presented below are ten most commonly used terms in printing industry for paper packaging box – 1. Offset Printing for paper packaging box: In offset printing a mediator surface is used to transmit the image from an inked facade to paper. The image is first transferred to thin metal, paper, or plastic printing plates. Oil based ink and water are applied to the plates. The inked image is then transferred to the blankets or intermediary surface that then transfers the image to paper. 2. Digital Printing for paper packaging box: Digital printing in the printing terminologies is a form of printing used to reproduce digital images on paper or any other surface. Printing plates are not required and every print can be different. Chemical and paper wastage will not be there. The ink or toner forms a fine layer on the paper or surface where the digital printing has been done. 3. Embossing for paper packaging box: If a raised image is required on paper or any other surface then this process of embossing is used in printing China industry. There is a die that strikes from the back of the paper or cardboard, and this striking through the surface is onto a counter die in the front of the surface where the embossing is required. 4. Inkjet Printing for paper packaging box: In inkjet printing tiny droplets of liquid ink is sprayed onto paper and images are created. The small size of the dots and their very precise placement generates photo quality images. In thermal bubble inkjet technique, heat is used to spread over the ink. In piezoelectric inkjet technique, a crystal and an electric charge are used to smear the ink. 5. Digital Proof for paper packaging box: In the prepress stage a digital proof is prepared using inkjet, color laser, dye sublimation, or thermal wax print technologies. This laser proof is commonly used printing terminology and is a nice way to check on what the final printing will look like. This digital proof can be done in color or in black and white as is required. 6. Laser printing for paper packaging box: A revolving cylinder builds up Static electricity charge. Laser beam is pointed at the cylinder to create the pattern of the images and letters to be printed. Then toner is used to coat the surface, this clings to the negatively charged areas on the cylinder, and then this is passed to the paper to create a positive image. 7. Dye Sublimation for paper packaging box: Dye sublimation is used for high end proofs and by customers who want to make best quality color printed materials. Photo lab quality images are produced using high heat and solid dyes and this is called dye sublimation. Print head heating elements vaporize the dyes in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black and they adhere to specially coated paper. 8. Thermal wax print for paper packaging box: To print barcode labels, clothing labels, and printing plastic labels for chemical containers this thermal wax print technology is used...

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  • Kraft Paper
    Kraft Paper


    Are you looking for bespoke Eco-friend packaging gift box or bags? Maybe you can choose Kraft paper material to set-up your gift box or bags. Because of the Kraft paper is an amazing material in the printed packaging. Kraft, in German, means strength. Kraft paper packaging is durable because of the good strength. It is made of the chemical pulp from the Kraft pulp process. Therefore, the Kraft paper is designed for the packaging products which need high strength and durability. The unbleached Kraft paper packaging is brown. The Kraft pulp is fully bleached to make the white Kraft paper when whiteness, strength, and resistance to yellow is important. The Kraft paper packaging is quite environment-friendly because it is 100% recyclable. And can be safe to be used for the food packaging, paper bag. raft Paper Bag Kraft paper is ideal choose for the making of the kraft paper bags. The Kraft paper bag can be exquisitely printed and are natural by design. It is a good replacement of the plastic packaging and makes a statement about environmental awareness with style. By selecting Kraft paper for your custom printed bags, your customers will know about your brand’s commitment to the environment and renewable resources. Make a statement with your selection of material as much as with your design. Especially we used 150 g-450 g to make kraft paper bags. Such as wine bags, gift bags, shopping bags etc. Kraft Paper Box In Risun-Print Packaging Paper Box, we provide the Kraft paper packaging design solutions. Usually, we use below 150 g the Kraft paper to make surface liner of the box, with paperboard together to set-up the custom Kraft paper rigid paper boxes with lid, Kraft paper folding paper boxes, Kraft sliding paper boxes, and craft trays. Guangzhou Risun-Print packaging paper factory is a custom printed paper box supplier. If you have any enquiry about paper packaging boxes and paper bags, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Common used paper material for paper box printing and packaging
    Common used paper material for paper box printing and packaging


    If you are newly enaged in purchasing paper packaging box for products such as electronics, garments, food etc, most package box manufacturer will ask what kind of paper do you want to use for packaging, it may be a bit complicated for you. Well, today we will share your some knowledge on several common used paper material for color paper box printing and packaging as below: Single Copper Paper The paper is white, smooth and bright in front side, with high stiffness and folding resistance , the back and middle are white, suitable for cosmetics box, food box, costume box, medicines box and other high end product packaging. CCNB (Clay Coated News Back) paper The front side is white, relative smooth, gray for bottom and middle, good stiffness, low price, suitable for food box, medicine box, toys box and other products packaging. CCWB (Clay Coated White Back) paper The front side is white, relative smooth, white bottom, the middle gray, good stiffness, affordable, suitable for food box, medicine box, electronic box and other product packaging. White kraft paper Paper surface is white, smooth, pure color, paper stiffness is good, good bursting resistance, suitable for food box, electronics box, toys box and other product packaging. Double sided red kraft paper Double sided red kraft paper, also known as double sided cattle cardboard, paper smooth both sides, reddish brown color, stable color, high burst resistance, strong folding resistance, suitable for 3C digital product boxes, gift boxes, clothing boxes and other environmental protection products packaging. Gold card paper Full name is PET white light gold cardboard, front side in golden color, white in the bottom, high brightness in the front, excellent mirror effect, paper stiffness is good, strong folding resistance, suitable for cosmetic boxes, gift boxes, tobacco boxes, wine boxes and other high-end product packaging. Silver card paper Full name is silver white PET light silver paper, silver front, white bottom, front high brightness, excellent mirror effect, paper stiffness is good, folding strong, suitable for cosmetic boxes, gift boxes, tobacco boxes, wine boxes and other high-end product packaging. Pit carton paper Corrugated paper according to the corrugated type can be divided into seven categories: A pit, B pit, C pit, D pit, E pit, F pit, G pit; of which A, B, C pit generally used for outer packaging, D, E pit used for small and medium sized product packaging.

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