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Customization Cosmetics Packaging

Boxes at the time of design should consider the whole beautiful with practical feasibility, sometimes design like a watchman pioneer at first might not adapt, but after adaptation is like poisoning, hope to continue.

Custom Gift Boxes

Packaging design as a way to realize the commodity value and use value, in the field of production, circulation, sales and consumption, and play an extremely important role, is an important topic of the corporate world, the design had to focus on. The function of packaging is to protect the goods, convey the information of the goods, facilitate the use, facilitate the transportation, promote the sale, and raise the added value of the products.

The packaging must meet the following requirements:

1. To have the function of good protection of the use value of commodities;

2. It should have good convenient function, convenient transportation, convenient storage, stacking, and convenient for counting and checking.

3. Should have good commodity , can raise the grade of commodity, promote the sale of commodity;

Cosmetics Packaging

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