• How To Place An Order Of Custom Design Box 2017-03-21 16:00:35

    We Risun accept to produce custom design boxes, it means that if you have design files, we can do the box according to your design. Generally Speaking, we will make the box based on your original files, but sometimes, the customer may have some method about the design, we can also change according to the method. But how to place an order of Custom Design Box? Let me introduce the process. Firstly,...

  • Custom Paper Box Packaging For Commercial 2017-03-21 17:22:11

    Now day is a competitive society ,especial the commercial activity .The core of the competitive is products.Not only the high level science and technology,but also the out looking .Right now ,we talking about the out looking of the products. In order to attract the customers ,the first thing for it is have a Special  Packaging.A different packaging from others is the key . So ,Custom Paper Bo...

  • How to place an order from your company 2017-04-05 21:35:38

    When customer want to place an order from RISUNPRINT company.What they have to do ?All right ,here are some steps for refer . 1. Built an artwork of your paper packaging box/bag .The artwork is the first step to your product.We would use your artwork to make the correct film for printing .As the size ,the colors and your logo will be reflect on it .That will help us to make a plan how to go on the...

  • Custom paper gift box 2017-04-12 16:00:46

    For over 10 years, My company has been making Christmas Gift Box to valued customers. We offer luxury Christmas gift box with custom logo . Order our large selection of box , Holiday gift box ,Wine gift box , Gift Towers, Anniversary Gift Box, Birthday Gift Box, Christmas Gift Box and really gift box for most every occasion. We work hard to make your gift boxes high quality and...

  • How to increase your business 2017-04-20 15:00:29

    Business with human being as long as the history of the earth exist. Now days we can see the business anywhere ,a vital part of our life. The men can not living without commercial community .As a businessman who always try to find the way to increase they own business.Yes ,that is right .But do you know how to increase your business by yourself ? Any good points for today’s business ? You will get...

  • How to choice a good manufacturer for you supplier 2017-05-04 17:38:57

    Having a good supplier for your business is a good start.But do you know how to find out a real and good manufacturer by yourself ? Before this answer let’s talking about something my company,Risun-Print Company. 1.DESIGN Project Managed Service Design and Sampling CAD service Experienced customer service / sales team Fast turn round times Efficient manufacturing facilities. Fast turn round times ...

  • When people can buy Apple's next-gen iPhone 8 2017-05-24 09:22:11

    With the development of society,The economy is also rising。People on the pursuit of mobile phones and requirements are getting higher and higher。Especially for Apple phones。Every time Apple's new product comes out, it will set off a wave of mobile phone circles.Let's predict the release time of Apple 8 and other. For as popular as the iPhone already is, Apple’s iconic smartphone will take things t...

  • Analyze the cosmetics market in China 2017-06-02 17:59:24

    In the year 2016,the perfume market was increase 38% which is 2 times than the year 2015 .As the China became the world’s second largest economy,cosmetics as a part of personal card product popular from day to day,especially female.The reason very simple ,they become more and more richer so they would care about the beauty and impression.Some experts predict the market of cosmetics will increase t...

Our Team
  • Kevin Zou
    Kevin Zou

    Kevin zou profile Kevin zou who a sales in Risun-print company years.Have a good skill on print industry .Youth and smart .Good edcuational background ,graduate from normal univerisity .Representative Risun-print company attend the" Guangzhou Fair" and "Hongkong Fair" several years.All question about the paper packaging would get a perfect answer if talk with him.

  • Emily Yang
    Emily Yang

    Sales Emily Yang is a professional sales in our risun for almost three years. She is good at provide professional advise about packaging solutions. She is familiar with foreign trading process and printing craftwork. The order of luxury gift box is her advantage. Any questions, please do not hesitate to tell her.

  • Lucy Li
    Lucy Li

    Sales Lucy , a sales in Risunprint, works in the foreign trade department for years. She is familiar with foreign trading process and printing craftwork. Not only communicating with foreigners, but also providing suggestions about the craftwork of packaging boxes and bags are her strengths. Her professional and efficient response will make communication more smooth. Any questions and sample requires, please do not hesitated to let her know.

  • Alex Zhang
    Alex Zhang

    Manager of the marketing department Alex Zhang,the manager of the marketing department of Risun-print company.Graduate from Guangzhou Univerisity in the year 2002 .He has won "Top 10 player "in the Guangzhou golfer amateur game in 2010. As a team's leader ,he not only good at how to managment team,but also have good knowledge of paper print industry .He was visit several customers company in Europe,communicate with clients for any demand of the business.Share information and give some help.He as a famours brand living in Risun-print company.

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