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RISUN PRINT , Located in panyu, guangzhou  our company is a modern printing enterprise, a one-stop service system, modernization of automatically generating line, professional design team, advanced printing machine, process equipment and after sales service team, we have passed the ISO international certification, in early and FSC international environmental certification, we design a client like the packing every day, not only help customers to better provide exquisite design, and cost savings for customers, we also care more about the global environment, our material is environmental protection material,

We recently to help British customers design and production of whisky box, customers only need to give us an empty bottle, we'll soon time designed products for our customers, and proofing, a total of 4 color box is designed, complete with wine, and elegant wine cup, along with a variety of chocolate box, wine box, cosmetic box, wig boxes, gift boxes, and so on, we use the fast design and proofing, enables customers to their product to market as soon as possible, for the customer to profit from,

Today we are in economic globalization era, packaging and commodities have been integrated to a whole new level.

Packaging is the brand concept, product features, a comprehensive reflection of consumer psychology, and a direct impact on the consumer to buy. We always think, “packaging ” in addition to protection, convey product information, promote sales and enhance the role of value-added products; more importantly, it is to establish a powerful means of affinity and consumer products. At Sunrise Printing, we have a full product line focuses on brand recognition packaging. We have an organize internal structure planning, modernize the packaging system to increase the performance of the product value.

I hope all customers can develop together with us. Please pay attention to the various products on our website, welcome to contact us,

Our Team
  • Kevin Zou
    Kevin Zou

    Kevin zou profile Kevin zou who a sales in Risun-print company years.Have a good skill on print industry .Youth and smart .Good edcuational background ,graduate from normal univerisity .Representative Risun-print company attend the" Guangzhou Fair" and "Hongkong Fair" several years.All question about the paper packaging would get a perfect answer if talk with him.

  • Emily Yang
    Emily Yang

    Sales Emily Yang is a professional sales in our risun for almost three years. She is good at provide professional advise about packaging solutions. She is familiar with foreign trading process and printing craftwork. The order of luxury gift box is her advantage. Any questions, please do not hesitate to tell her.

  • Lucy Li
    Lucy Li

    Sales Lucy , a sales in Risunprint, works in the foreign trade department for years. She is familiar with foreign trading process and printing craftwork. Not only communicating with foreigners, but also providing suggestions about the craftwork of packaging boxes and bags are her strengths. Her professional and efficient response will make communication more smooth. Any questions and sample requires, please do not hesitated to let her know.

  • Alex Zhang
    Alex Zhang

    Manager of the marketing department Alex Zhang,the manager of the marketing department of Risun-print company.Graduate from Guangzhou Univerisity in the year 2002 .He has won "Top 10 player "in the Guangzhou golfer amateur game in 2010. As a team's leader ,he not only good at how to managment team,but also have good knowledge of paper print industry .He was visit several customers company in Europe,communicate with clients for any demand of the business.Share information and give some help.He as a famours brand living in Risun-print company.

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